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  • Visa centre for Visegrád Group opens

    A centre processing visa applications to Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, which form the Visegrád Group, has opened on the 21st floor of the Lim Tower at 9-11 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC. Office hours are 9am-5pm from Monday to Wednesday and 9am-12pm on Friday. Applicants must make appointments prior to coming, with the Consulate General of Hungary via email at consulate.hcm@mfa.gov.hu. The visa centre reflects efforts by Visegrád members to facilitate travel by Vietnamese and foreigners living in southern Vietnam and boost partnerships between the bloc and Vietnam.

  • One-year visa for US visitors

    US citizens will soon be able to obtain a one-year visa to Vietnam, after the government approved a proposal to extend the validity of temporary visas for Americans. A general tourist visa to Vietnam for US citizens is currently valid for 30 or 90 days, both single and multiple entry. The approval is a positive move as Vietnam was the only one of the eleven members of the TPP with visas for US citizens of limited periods. The extension is expected to boost economic and trade ties and attract more US tourist arrivals.

  • France makes obtaining visas easier

    The French Embassy has signed a partnership agreement with six Vietnamese travel companies to help them expedite the granting of visas to travellers. The agreement will allow the travel operators to make priority appointments at the French Embassy and the embassy will simplify visa procedures and requirements for those who have travelled to Europe and other countries in the past. The six travel agencies are Hanoi Red Tours, Naci Travel, Hanoi Iso Tours, Hanoi Tourist, South Pacific Travel, and Vietfoot Travel. The French Government decided on the strategy based on a sharp increase in the number of tourists from Vietnam to the country. Last year 11,000 out of 24,269 visas were granted to tourists, an increase of 28.7 per cent over the previous year.

  • Australia & Vietnam strike up visa agreement

    Australia and Vietnam have recently commenced a reciprocal work and holiday visa program. Every year, 200 eligible Vietnamese applicants, aged between 18 and 30, will be granted visas to Australia for one year to undertake short-term work and studies, and 200 Australians will similarly be able to enter Vietnam to work and holiday. The visa program aims to increase understanding between the peoples of the two countries and contribute to the economic, security and innovation partnerships in place. It will reopen on 1 July every year.

  • Visa exemptions for five more European countries

    Citizens from five more countries - Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK - will not be required to obtain a visa when visiting Vietnam for 15 days or less from today, according to a recent government decision introduced in an attempt to attract more tourists to the country and is the result of efforts by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Vietnam already provides visa-free entry for 15 days to tourists from seven countries: Japan, South Korea, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Russia, and 30-day exemptions for citizens from nine out of the ten ASEAN member states and international tourists visiting Phu Quoc Island, with such tourists totalling some 8 million a year.

  • Visa run-around

    Visa run-around

    visa laws do damage to Vietnam’s image and the bank balances of many expats.



    Vietnamese visitors are now subject to relaxed requirements for obtaining short-term visas to Japan, under a recent decision of the Japanese Government. Visas will become easier to obtain for businesspeople, intellectuals, and cultural scholars visiting Japan for commercial and academic exchanges and tourism. It is expected to make business activities more convenient and increase the number of tourists from Vietnam to Japan. The period of validity will also be extended from five years to up to ten years.

  • Visa exemption provisions to be extended

    International tourists who are already exempt from visa requirements will be allowed to extend their stay in Vietnam to up to 30 days, instead of 15 days. A new statement from the Office of the Government instructs police and relevant agencies to cooperate with the tourism ministry to allow tourists from visa-exempted countries to stay longer if they have a valid ticket out of the country and a clear tour schedule and if their extension is sponsored by an authorised travel agency. Foreign tourists from countries where Vietnam allows visa waivers can also seek a visa upon arrival if they enter Vietnam, head to anther country, and then return within 30 days, and have a valid ticket for a flight out of the country. Visas on arrival will be issued based on the departure date shown on their air ticket but will not exceed 15 days. The new rule aims to help ease paperwork and save time for international tourists.

  • Visa fees for foreigners may increase

    Vietnam plans to increase visa fees for foreign nationals working in the country, according to a new draft from the Ministry of Finance. Fees for three-month to five-year visas will increase 2.5-fold, from the current $50 - $100 to $65 - $225. Single-entry visas for overseas Vietnamese and foreign workers will increase to $45 apiece from the current $25. Meanwhile, single-entry visas for tourists will remain unchanged, at $45, in order to avoid any fall in foreign tourist arrivals affecting the local tourism industry.

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