Welcoming spring on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Oriental Sails

The Oriental Sails Joint Stock Company is operating four cruises on Ha Long Bay and one on Lan Ha Bay, all meeting three to five-star standards. With ten years in the market, Oriental Sails has long been loved by its guests.

on February 12,2019 08:03 PM

Welcoming spring on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Oriental Sails

Quality of service makes the brand

Oriental Sails is now operating three cruise brands: Starlight Cruise, Oriental Sails, and Calypso Cruises. The five-star Starlight Cruise and three-star Oriental Sails ply the waters of Ha Long Bay while the four-star Calypso Cruises is the latest cruise on Lan Ha Bay.

Welcoming spring on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Oriental Sails

Safety first

Designed with a double steel hull, Starlight Cruise and Calypso Cruises are considered the safest as not many cruises on Ha Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay are made this way, while the three cruisers of Oriental Sails are made from high-quality wood with excellent water resistance, ensuring the absolute safety of guests.

Each cruise is fully equipped with safety systems such as life jackets and life buoys, fire extinguishers, smoke alarm systems, and warning alarms, together with 24/7 air conditioning for comfort.

In the rooms, all equipment is of a high standard from the bed and TV to the air conditioner and the bathroom fittings.

Meals are attentively prepared by the chef to meet the needs of guests and include a rich and flexible menu that will leave them feeling satisfied when taking an Oriental Sails cruise.

Welcoming spring on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Oriental Sails

Accompanying services such as sauna and massage and activities such as tai chi, cooking, night fishing, karaoke, kayaking, bamboo boat trips to explore the bay, and visits to Thien Canh Son Cave and Quan Y Cave also leave a wonderful impression on guests.

Ms. Maria and her family from the UK experienced an Oriental Sails cruise on the 27th day of the year of the Dog's 12th lunar month (1st February) said: “We welcomed in the spring on Ha Long Bay with Oriental Sails. Really amazing!”. “The staff were very friendly and the food was wonderful” said Martin, a visitor with Calypso Cruises on its 28th day after launching . For Starlight Cruise, Linda, a German visitor, said after her trip on the 2nd day of the first lunar month ( 6th February) that “Spring in Vietnam is beautiful, Ha Long Bay is beautiful, and Starlight Cruise is also beautiful. We will return to Vietnam with our friends to continue this experience next summer.” These are not only the compliments guests have offered to Oriental Sails but represent encouragement to the Oriental Sails Joint Stock Company to continue its journey of conquering guests and sustainably developing the brand.

Welcoming spring on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with Oriental Sails

“We want to bring our customers the best price policy with the best quality and services so they have the opportunity to experience and discover Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay on our cruises in the new year,” said Ms. Hoang Quynh, Marketing Manager of Oriental Sails.

So join Oriental Sails to experience the unique spring atmosphere on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay with discounts of up to 40 per cent. The program is valid to February 28 on all cruises with the Oriental Sails Group: Oriental Sails, Calypso Cruises, and Starlight Cruise.

Visit https://www.orientalsails.com/ or https://calypsocruises.vn/ for more information.

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