Sweet honeymoon on Calypso Cruises

We had a sweet and happy honeymoon on Calypso Cruises. Everything was perfectly planned, and the only thing we needed to do was enjoy a fun, happy trip that gave us beautiful memories we will never forget.

on November 01,2019 08:00 AM

Sweet honeymoon on Calypso Cruises

Departing from Hanoi, it took more than two hours to reach the ferry, where the tour guide picked us up in a small boat to take us to the cruise. My first impression was an indescribable warmth, as the white Calypso cruise stood out against the blue sky and turquoise waters, with the staff greeting us with warm smiles. We had lunch right away, featuring a plentiful selection of tasty and elaborately-decorated dishes. After finishing lunch we checked in.

Sweet honeymoon on Calypso Cruises

Opening the door to our room was a surprise mixed with a sweet feeling, as a lovely fragrance of fresh flowers and candle wax wafted all around. The wide double bed was covered with charming rose petals, with a pair of swans created from towels a symbol of fidelity. On the table were two glasses of red wine beautifully displayed with fruit and candles and a chocolate-covered bearing the words “Happy Honeymoon”. The room was neat and tidy with modern equipment, a large balcony, and large windows to admire the beauty of the bay. We had a warm afternoon and sunset together, sipping red wine and feeling the sweetness of the cake, watching Lan Ha Bay with a purple hue, and feeling how love blends in with nature. It was so romantic and full of joy!

We arrived at Lan Ha Bay in the last days of autumn, so the weather was somewhat chilly, the sun curtailed by a cool breeze. Lan Ha’s scenery is like a paradise, with huge islands, fresh air, and refreshing, clear blue waters trying to collect the last sunlight before winter. I woke up early to catch the dawn on the bay with my wife - the vast space covered by an incredible silence and peace, with the only sound my wife’s soft breathing. I gazed at the woman I love, and she smiled and said “Lan Ha Bay is so beautiful!”. At that moment I was the happiest man in the world.

Sweet honeymoon on Calypso Cruises

Not only fascinated by the charm of Lan Ha Bay, I was also impressed by the activities during our journey with Calypso Cruises. Kayaking was the most interesting, where you can choose a bamboo boat or a kayak to visit Sang Cave - Dark Cave. My wife and I chose to kayak, as we love exploring. Sang Cave - Dark Cave is quite beautiful, sparkling with raindrops and surrounded by limestone mountains. We then headed back to the cruise to take a rest and join a cooking class. At the end of the dinner, everyone sang karaoke together, played games, and fished for squid over the side of the boat. The next morning, we joined a “tai chi” class, visited Army Hospital Cave - a field hospital during the American War - had lunch, and then returned to Hanoi.

Sweet honeymoon on Calypso Cruises

Two days and one night is nowhere near long enough but we still had a great honeymoon onboard thanks to Calypso Cruises and our lovely companions, the manager, the captain, and the enthusiastic staff. We had a sweet and meaningful honeymoon and will definitely tell our friends about our wonderful journey. Thank you and see you next time!

Luxury Calypso Cruises is the perfect setting for weddings on the sundeck or conferences, meetings, or small celebrations, or simply a sweet honeymoon. Explore Lan Ha on warm winter days with Calypso Cruises.

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