Meeting demand for luxury living

With designs in harmony with nature, it is expected to become the most unique architectural location in the area...

on June 16,2018 10:36 AM

Meeting demand for luxury living

Vietnam is considered a dynamic country in Asia in general and in Southeast Asia in particular, attracting many major international investors in the field of luxury real estate. Urban areas with luxury villas have been built for a long time already but only meet the need for high living standards and have not integrated modern leisure activities and expectations.

Therefore, projects meeting the rigorous demands of the elite class are necessary, building housing not only for living but also for entertainment and relaxation with superior value.

With a view to creating a true retreat for their worthy owners by giving them the privilege to enjoy privacy and high-class facilities, from the start, EverGreen in HCMC’s District 7 has positioned itself as distinct and unique but exclusive. With designs in harmony with nature, it is expected to become the most unique architectural location in the area.

Mark of a famous brand

Owning a yacht has long been the dream of many successful people. But experiencing a private yacht right at your villa is beyond the dreams of many, given the necessary investment of millions of dollars.

EverGreen offers a difference, with projects building five-star marinas with a private yacht for each villa, which has never been seen in other projects. This not only satisfies the passion of owners but also defines the unique lifestyles enjoyed by outstanding individuals.

Meeting demand for luxury living

Other amenities such as Marina Club House, City Club House, The Panorama swimming pool, Central Park, and an intelligent underground road network also exceed expectations. All the old architectural limitations have been broken by breakthrough designs from talented international architects from the US and France. Experiencing the convenience of EverGreen is an experience in enjoying the essence of life.

This is the great achievement of Tai Nguyen, the investor, and TNR Holdings Vietnam, Co-Investment - Project Manegement and Development Partner of the project. TNR has outstanding advantages in terms of stature, prestige, potential, experience and vision. Its investment projects have always reached or exceeded commitments in progress, quality and operation, establishing a new benchmark for the market in the high-end real estate segment. It has a network of world-leading consultants and designers and a high-class product and service system, pioneering the combination of high-end real estate and the need for a ‘green’ life.

Tai Nguyen has positioned itself as a brand in the luxury segment, owning ‘golden’ land in prime locations in HCMC. With a business philosophy of ‘the difference is class’, it has set a goal of making each project a masterpiece.

The agreement between Tai Nguyen, TNR, and leading global design consultants is not just a guarantee but also a long-term commitment to the usability, aesthetics, and sustainability of each project.

A private, delicate world with a lot of feeling and expectations from Tai Nguyen and TNR, EverGreen promises to be a dream destination of the elite. Successful entrepreneurs and elites will have a living area with privileges just for them.


Nguyen Luong Bang, Phu My Ward, D.7, HCMC


Tel: +(84) 93 8855 777

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