JW Marriott Hanoi opens contemporary Cantonese restaurant- John Anthony

The restaurant is set to open its doors on 12th December, 2019, which will mark the restaurant’s first venture in Vietnam and international debut.

on December 06,2019 08:16 PM

JW Marriott Hanoi opens contemporary Cantonese restaurant- John Anthony

Led by Executive Chef Wong Chi Ming, already known to customers as the Head Chef of Crystal Jade Palace at JW Marriott Hanoi since 2014, the menu at John Anthony Hanoi is defined predominantly by Cantonese classics with a contemporary twist, whilst also borrowing from Sichuan cuisine. Handmade dim sum, barbequed meats – including John Anthony’s signature 42-day Roasted Peking Duck - and live seafood dishes form the cornerstone of the culinary offering using quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

The concept for the restaurant was informed by the historical figure of John Anthony, a Chinese citizen and interpreter who traveled from East to West as an employee of the East India Company during the Qing Dynasty, and the journey he would have undertaken from China before arriving in Limehouse, the East End docklands of London. Historically known only by his English nickname ‘John Anthony’, when he settled in London he acted as an interpreter and caretaker for the Asian traders who journey West with commodities from the Far East. As a result of the role he played in facilitating the flourishing trade between East and West, John Anthony came to be known as ‘the Father of Limehouse’, London’s first Chinatown.

JW Marriott Hanoi opens contemporary Cantonese restaurant- John Anthony

As the first-ever Chinese restaurant in the world designed with a sustainable approach, John Anthony was initially created in Hong Kong to set a new standard of environmental consciousness within the industry, with sustainability deeply embedded in the restaurant’s interior design, food sourcing, drinks program and kitchen practices. JW Marriott Hanoi are thrilled to welcome a restaurant brand that is paving the way for such crucial practices in the hospitality industry. Small steps have been taken to adopt the same approach in the Hanoi venue, such as using coasters and chopstick holders made from upcycled plastic, menus made with recycled paper and handmade ceramics sourced from Bat Trang Village. The kitchen makes an effort to work with local producers and suppliers as much as possible, supporting those who adopt ethical business practice.

Much of the menu consists of signature dishes from John Anthony Hong Kong - developed by Maximal Concepts’ Group Executive Chinese Chef Lee Man Sing and John Anthony Hong Kong’s Executive Chef Saito Chau - with the addition of exclusive dishes created especially for Hanoi, such as Crispy Suckling Pig and a large live seafood selection, including Sautéed Live Crab, Singapore Style with Chili Sauce and Lobster Served Two Ways – Sashimi and Poached Head & Claw Meat Congee.

JW Marriott Hanoi opens contemporary Cantonese restaurant- John Anthony

John Anthony’s signature 42-day Roasted Peking Duck was sourced through a rigorous selection process by the culinary team to find the perfect flavor profile. A custom Wood Stone Duck Oven and air-drying duck fridge are focal points of the open BBQ kitchen. To prepare the ducks and achieve the ideal taste and consistency for this iconic Chinese dish, the 2kg birds are placed into the custom-made fridge with conditions that emulate Beijing’s climate, which allows the fat layer within the skin to produce a crystal-like consistency. The ducks are then roasted in the bespoke Wood Stone Duck Oven which cooks the meat through and seals in its juices.

Alongside the hotel’s extensive wine selection, John Anthony Hanoi will feature a beverage program that includes a gin-focused cocktail menu. Customized Gin & Tonics and a signature Gin Martini influenced by spices found along the Silk Road have been created especially to complement the restaurant’s cuisine.

JW Marriott Hanoi opens contemporary Cantonese restaurant- John Anthony

For the elegant interiors, Grey Matters Studio drew inspiration from both classic Chinese décor and western architectural elements to emulate the original character’s story of emigrating from the East to the West. Located at the hotel’s ground level, the 208-seater venue is open for lunch and dinner daily with five private dining rooms

"We are extremely excited to be bringing John Anthony to Hanoi with JW Marriott. This opening will mark the restaurant’s first international venture out of Hong Kong. We hope to deliver a contemporary yet authentic Cantonese dining experience through our food, service and ambience to an international audience, and we can't wait to share it with Hanoi," said Malcolm Wood, Global Managing Director of Maximal Concepts.

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