• Modern concepts

    Modern concepts

    Each element of the seventh holding of ‘Europe Meets Asia in Contemporary Dance’ carries certain messages that showcase modern life.

  • Beware of dengue

    Beware of dengue

    Dengue fever has been more prevalent in Vietnam this year, so be sure to take the right precautions when visiting the country.



    Inhabitants of Tan Loc island in the Mekong Delta know their home by a few different names.

  • Nostalgic flavours

    Nostalgic flavours

    There are a host of coffee shops in HCMC whose décor remind guests of days long gone.

  • Through a child’s eyes

    Through a child’s eyes

    Vietnam doesnt lack for entertainment to keep kids occupied.


Out & About

  • Young in mind

    Young in mind

    Bachic, a fashion shop with products made especially for young people, was opened in the centre of HCMC in August.



    Hoa Loc Antique Shop was opened in July and sells thousands of antiques collected from countries such as France, Italy and the US.

  • Cool & comfortable

    Cool & comfortable

    Zennic Fashion opened five years ago and now has 12 shops in several districts of HCMC, each selling hundreds of items like dresses, blouses, trousers and suits.

  • Sublime qualities

    Sublime qualities

    Vietnam House, one of the oldest restaurants in HCMC, is known for its location, which also housed the famed Café L’Imperial in the early 1900s.

  • Clean coffee

    Clean coffee

    The first My Life Coffee opened in 2006 and there are now six cafés in the heart of HCMC, mostly in Districts 1 and 3.



  • In the Frame October 2016

    In the Frame October 2016

    Around Vietnam

  • Nadia Lim in Vietnam

    Nadia Lim in Vietnam

    The well-known New Zealand food author and cook, visits Hanoi and HCMC from 4-8 May 2015.

  • Chao Saigon

    Chao Saigon

    Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, will celebrate 40 years of liberation on April 30. The 300-year-old city is now the largest and most modern in Vietnam, and has always been known as a liberal and generous land that welcomes all comers. The beauty of HCMC, both old and new, together with i

Bits & Pieces

  • A Vietnam - US Music Night

    A Vietnam - US Music Night

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    October 09,2017 09:27 AM

    The HCMC Union of Friendship Organisations and the HCMC Vietnam-US Friendship Association will present ‘A Vietnam - US Music Night’ with the return of acclaimed violinist Vu Viet Chuong after Autumn Melodies 2017. He will perform together with the HCMC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hector Guzman. The concert features famous works, ranging from Candide, Leonard Bernstein’s operetta, an adaptation of Voltaire’s work, and a series of movie themes such as Theme and Fantasy from the movie ‘Ladies in Lavender’ by Nigel Hess (made famous by Joshua Bell), Remembrances, from the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ by John Williams (made famous by famed violinist Itzhak Perlman), and Tango, from the movie Scent of a Woman, by Carlos Gardel. The second part will feature Sergei Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2 in E Minor, op. 27, featuring the HBSO Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hector Guzman.

    Tickets are VND200,000 to VND550,000. Contact (028) 3823 7295

  • ‘A Night of Serenade Music’

    ‘A Night of Serenade Music’

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    October 03,2017 03:23 PM

    The HCMC Ballet and Symphony Orchestra will present ‘A Night of Serenade Music’ with romantic vibes from talented composers around the world. The concert will begin with Antonin Dvorak’s Serenade for Wind, Cello and Bass, op. 44; a standard for the wind section. Following is Giacomo Puccini’s Crisantemi (Chrysanthemums), and Elegy for Strings. Crisantemi is a single, dark-hued, continuous movement. Puccini found his two liquid melodic ideas worthy enough to re-use them in the last act of his opera, Manon Lescaut, in 1893. The evening’s final work will be Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings in C Major, op. 48, which was written with an ear towards one of his idols, a certain 18th century composer by the name of Mozart. The title and structure of the piece are taken from the serenades of the latter, though this is certainly Tchaikovsky’s own particularly 19th century rendering of these older ideas. The entire concert will be conducted by Patrick Souillot.

    Tickets are VND200,000 and VND550.000. Contact (028) 3823 7295.

  • Oktoberfest Vietnam

    Oktoberfest Vietnam

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    October 03,2017 03:25 PM

    Oktoberfest Vietnam has been held at the Windsor Plaza Hotel since 2005 and been recognised by Reuters as one of the Top 10 Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Germany. This year, the event again welcomes Partenkirchner Musikanten, a traditional Oktoberfest band from Germany that has played concerts worldwide. The hotel provides the authentic atmosphere of a traditional Oktoberfest in Munich with an opening ceremony featuring the tapping of the first beer keg. Guests wear traditional Bavarian attire while dancing to favourite Oktoberfest songs. Throughout the event is an expansive buffet of traditional German specialties, including sausages, sauerkraut, crispy pork knuckle, pretzels, and much more. Guests can also indulge in free-flow imported German beer such as Krombacher Pilsner and Schneider Weisse.

    Prizes are on offer, including a Grand Prize of a Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) MasterCard Debit Signature valued at VND100,000,000. Tickets are VND1,200,000 net on the Wednesday and Thursday and VND1,400,000 net on the Friday and Saturday. Contact 0908 477 489.

  • Paradise Lost

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    October 11,2017 03:28 PM

    ‘Paradise Lost’ is a solo exhibition by artist Hoang Thanh Vinh Phong, who invites us into a world where the familiar is made strange, the mundane mythologised, and the symbolic re-arranged. Through the shifting of shapes and the twisting of materials, images and objects from the everyday are taken out of context, heightened with a sense of ambiguity, asking us to look beyond what our first glance has to offer. Together, these images, objects and characters form a playful but sinister spillage into a world where humans seem to have been paralysed by the mundanity of the everyday. Their psychological and physical selves are simultaneously infected by the false hopes and aspirations they once desired, inevitably trapping them into the religious and ideological conditions to which they were born, perhaps too afraid to seek alternative.

    Born in 1971 in Quang Tri and currently living and working in Hoi An, Phong graduated from the Hue College of Fine Arts in 1996. Over the last two decades he has consistently experimented with myriad forms and media - from oil and lacquer painting to printing on ceramic and sculpting with different objects - simultaneously researching and expanding their techniques and capabilities.

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