• Protector of seafarers

    Protector of seafarers

    One of HCMC’s most popular pagodas honours the Sea Goddess Mazu, the deified form of a girl from China’s Fujian province.

  • Flower frenzy

    Flower frenzy

    Flower markets around HCMC do a roaring trade in the weeks leading up to Tet.

  • In the spirit

    In the spirit

    Enterprises, media, and local authorities all work hard on promoting Vietnam’s traditional culture during Tet.



    Traditional Tet food has long been a signature feature of the holiday season.



    The first-ever ferry service along the Saigon River in HCMC is a pleasant way to see life on the riverbank.


Out & About

  • Japanese grill

    Japanese grill

    For those loving grilled dishes served at the table in the Japanese style, Gyu Shige Restaurant is well worth a visit.

  • Taiwanese treat

    Taiwanese treat

    TenRen’s Tea, a long-famous milk tea brand in Taiwan, has arrived in HCMC and joined other tea shop chains.



    WHENEVER SOMTUM IS MENTIONED IN HCMC, most people would think of the Thai restaurant Somtum Der Ho Chi Minh City, which serves Isan cuisine (with the north-eastern region of Thailand being ‘Isan’ in Sanskrit).

  • Open all hours

    Open all hours

    Robica Coffee is open around the clock for customers to sip on a drink whenever the urge strikes.



    The Bong Sen Hotel on Dong Khoi Street has just opened its new Co Noi Restaurant on the seventh floor, specialising in vegetarian food.



  • In the Frame October 2016

    In the Frame October 2016

    Around Vietnam

  • Nadia Lim in Vietnam

    Nadia Lim in Vietnam

    The well-known New Zealand food author and cook, visits Hanoi and HCMC from 4-8 May 2015.

  • Chao Saigon

    Chao Saigon

    Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, will celebrate 40 years of liberation on April 30. The 300-year-old city is now the largest and most modern in Vietnam, and has always been known as a liberal and generous land that welcomes all comers. The beauty of HCMC, both old and new, together with i

Bits & Pieces

  • Ho Chi Minh City Book Fair

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    March 10,2018 10:59 AM

    With the theme ‘Books - Culture, Integration and Development’, the Ho Chi Minh City Book Fair will feature more than 800 book stalls presenting more than 300,000 titles in many different categories from local and foreign publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge and National Geographic, and publishers from other countries such as Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. This is the Fair’s tenth annual holding and it is considered the largest book fair in the country. There are also areas for a book exchanges, meeting writers, presenting new books and new technologies related to book publishing and e-book selling. There will be also promotions of 10-20% discounts on books and stationery items during the first few days of the Fair and up to 50% during the final three days.

  • ‘Festive days of my country’

    ‘Festive days of my country’

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    April 03,2018 04:04 PM

    ‘Festive days of my  country’ is an annual tourism and cultural event in HCMC to promote regional Vietnamese cuisine and folk culture. This year’s event is themed ‘Essence of Vietnamese Cuisine’, featuring dishes from the northern, central, southern and highland regions as well as specialties from ethnic minorities such as the Cham and Khmer. There will be cooking performances from talented chefs and presentations about Vietnamese wine. The event also has a unique space reflecting a village market, a floating market, folk music performances like don ca tai tu from the south, Quan ho singing, Cham dance, Khmer folk music, and many folk games. Tickets are VND350,000 for adults and entry is free for children. Contact: (028) 3512 3025.



    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    April 11,2018 09:54 AM

    Artists form the HCMC Ballet and Symphony Orchestra will perform at an orchestral evening batoned by Kim Joon Cha, a world class pianist who has graced the stage of New York’s Carnegie Hall. Kim Joon Cha will present two notable works - Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major by Mozart and Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, op. 64 by Tchaikovsky, opened by the world-famous Overture from Le Nozze di Figaro. Symphony No. 5 is unquestionably one of the best-known works from the Romantic Period and an inspiration for numerous compositions in movies and ballets. Mozart’s concerto will be performed by Cho Eun Young, a South Korean piano talent. Tickets are from VND200,000 to VND650,000 and only VND80,000 for students. For bookings and delivery, call (028) 3823 7295 or Ms Huong on 0989 874 517.


  • HCMC manholes become canvases

    HCMC manholes become canvases

    8pm, 21 & 22 March

    Hanoi Opera House, 1 Trang Tien St., HN

    April 04,2018 05:16 PM

    The youth union of the HCMC Urban Drainage Company, the city’s Anti-Flood Control Centre, and many young people have given 100 old manholes in the city’s centre a touch of art. A chemical coating will be applied before and after the artwork is painted on, for durability. It is hoped that passers-by and street vendors will refrain from littering the street once seeing the artwork. The VND100 million ($4,400) project was sponsored by Heineken Vietnam. Each painting bears a message about saving the world and calls on people to care more for the environment. The project may be taken to other streets if a review shows it was effective.

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