World of pottery

Gom Chi, or Chi’s Pottery, is a ceramic brand created over 40 years ago by famous artist Nguyen Van Chi (1940-2010). After his passing, his second son, Nguyen Hong Tan, continued to produce the ceramics.

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World of pottery

The special characteristic of Gom Chi is that the pottery items aren’t mass produced and moulds are not used. Each is handcrafted at every stage, from preparing the clay to shaping the artwork and enamelling and decorating them.

‘They are artistic items but still functional,’ Tan said. ‘The teapot, for example, can also be used as a vase.’ Like the dual-use teapot, most of Gom Chi’s products are bursting with improvisation and bear the individual mark of the potter.

Though there are similar products as in regular pottery lines, each has its own characteristics, depending on the artist and how they shaped the clay, dipped the enamel, or drew the decorative patterns. If you’re someone who likes harmonised, perfect pottery, you may find it hard to fall in love with Gom Chi’s pottery. Another difference is the colour of the glaze, as well as the items’ non-standard shapes and the charming decorative patterns.

There are three lines of Gom Chi’s products, including artistic items like jars and statues, daily-use items such as tea sets and European-style dinner sets, and terracotta sinks in an oyster shape.

Gom Chi

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