Northern nosh

To keep her memories of childhood and the hometown dishes of Nam Dinh province in Vietnam’s north, Ms Thu Phuong opened Ann Quan (Ann Restaurant) in HCMC, offering a rich menu of hundreds of traditional dishes.

on June 06,2018 11:20 AM

Northern nosh

The restaurant is set in large space designed as a northern village, with large paintings on the walls depicting bamboo, buffaloes and a village market. Its décor creates the ambience of a village home, with simple wooden tables and chairs, while its dishes are served in clay pots, bamboo baskets with banana leaves, and old-style plates. Apart from the sense of peace the décor brings, Ann Quan also prides itself on buying all ingredients from reputable suppliers.

Its menu is famous for popular dishes prepared in the traditional style of Vietnam’s north, such as canh cua rau đay (crab soup with vegetables), gà rang gừng (stir-fried chicken with ginger), giò xào (fried Vietnamese pork), cá rô kho tương bần (ro fish braised with soybean paste), and cá chép om dưa (carp cooked with pickle vegetables). It also serves typical set menus from different villages in Nam Dinh, such as from Chua Market, Vieng Market, and Phu Ly. Other specialties created by Ann’s chefs you should try include fried sticky rice, homemade tofu, grilled pork with pepper served with sticky rice and vegetables, and mixed beef vermicelli. The restaurant also opens for breakfast, with a wide selection of phở, bún (noodles), sticky rice, and hot rice rolls.

Prices start from VND35,000 per dish.

Ann Quán

11B9 Nguyen Binh Khiem, D.1, HCMC

Tel: (028) 3822 6666

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