Modern twist

Anan Restaurant was founded by famous chef Peter Cuong Franklin, an American Vietnamese who was formerly chef and founder of two restaurants - Viet Kitchen and Chom Chom in Hong Kong.

By Van Ngoc on May 12,2018 09:29 AM

Modern twist

Peter and his restaurants have been recognised with multiple awards and citations, including from CNN International in Hong Kong’s Best New Restaurants in 2016, the Foodie Forks Award for Best Casual Restaurant in 2016, and Chef of the Year in 2014.

We went to Anan for dinner. Opened a year ago, it’s Peter Cuong’s first restaurant in Vietnam. I was surprised to find it located in Cho Cu, on Ton That Dam Street; a rare old market right in the centre of bustling HCMC. In the middle of the old market, Anan reflects a vision of new HCMC by connecting the traditional street market with quality ingredients and modern presentation and cooking techniques.

As chef Peter Cuong pointed out, the Vietnamese name of the restaurant is ăn ăn, which means ‘eat eat’. It’s set in a five-storey house with dining rooms on the ground and first floors and a rooftop bar featuring a beautiful view of the city by night.

Peter Cuong has travelled extensively in Asia, learning local recipes and techniques from traditional restaurants and street vendors. By focusing on vibrant Southeast Asian flavours and market-fresh ingredients - and using his French culinary skills to combine them - he connects traditional cuisine with modern techniques and approaches in presentation.

Modern twist

Anan’s menu specialises in street food-inspired dishes created by the chef himself. His creative new Vietnamese cuisine reflects his vision of a Vietnam that is deeply respectful of its history and traditions yet progressive and international in its outlook. He takes inspiration from the country’s vibrant food culture and uses fresh ingredients often sourced from local markets while incorporating French culinary techniques. The restaurant is famous for two signature dishes: Phở $100 (VND2.28 million) and Bánh mì $100 (also VND2.28 million) which are prepared from premium ingredients including Wagyu beef and foi gras. Guests must book one day in advance to enjoy the dishes.

For dinner, we were recommended to try Anan’s most popular dishes, such as bánh xèo tacos (with shrimp, pork, fresh herbs and peanut sauce), wok-fried pumpkin, with young pumpkin, shrimp, onion, and garlic, and lemongrass pork chop - grilled pork chop with a cucumber herb salad, lemongrass and lime. What I love about Peter Cuong’s dishes is the freshness of the ingredients and the subtle mix of spices that match my taste perfectly.

The restaurant is open in the evening, from 5pm till late, from Tuesday to Sunday.


89 Ton That Dam St., D.1., HCMC

Tel: 0904 792 920

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