Fashion designer Ho Tran Da Thao has opened a fashion outlet called Tsafari Galleria in District 1, HCMC.

on February 28,2017 12:00 AM


The shop is on three floors and boasts a wide selection for customers to choose from. The ground floor features Tsafari fashion products, designer Da Thao’s brand that has been around for more than ten years. Tsafari’s collections flatter the shapes of the Eastern woman and are exclusively drawn and printed on cloth. Da Thao introduces more choices in products made from yellow fibre, 3D embroidered materials, and silk fibre, based on her inspiration from visits to such places as New York, Paris, London, India and Singapore.

In addition to office and event clothes, Tsafari, working with a group of Singaporean designers, also introduces other products such as high-quality party dresses and modern wedding outfits.

The designer has also introduced a new spring-summer collection called ‘Royal Blossom’, on 3D materials of velvet, silk, lace, chiffon and voan. Their elaborate designs flatter the natural beauty, grandness and elegance of women.

The first floor is for pearl products from the famous Japanese brand ‘Circle of Love’. Customers can choose from a wide variety of items made from pearls such as Japanese Akoya, Sea of Cortez, Tahitian pearl, and South Sea pearl, in both simple and elaborate designs. To produce high-quality products, Circle of Love works closely with pearl experts from different countries around the world.

The 2nd floor is for works of art. Tsafari Galleria is currently displaying paintings on aquilaria paper in a collection entitled ‘Lotus Soul’ from Hanoian artist Do Duc.

Tsafari Galleria

16 Nguyen Trai, D.1, HCMC

Tel: (08) 3925 1499

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