A touch of class

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, the saying of Saint Ambrose could be converted into ‘when you are in a place, try to enjoy the local delicates’

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A touch of class

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, the saying of Saint Ambrose could be converted into ‘when you are in a place, try to enjoy the local delicates’. Hanoian gastronomy has gained the love of tourists once they tried for a reason. It is the freshness of the ingredients and the simplicity of the cooking that attracts so many persons to it, and in Hanoi, No 37 Hung Vuong Restaurant is a prime example of just that.

Settled on the sparsely populated Ba Dinh square area which is opposite to the Office of National Assembly , the restaurant occupied on a spacious place where people can feel away from the bustle and hustle of Hanoi’s daily life. The location, which is on a luxurious two-storey building, is divided into two different parts for clients’ choices of seats: the spacious main dining room on the ground floor with spectacular view over the tranquil street and six luxurious VIP dining rooms on the second floor for groups of friends or family.

Step into the restaurant and be captivated by magnificent aromas before sitting down to a wealth of enchanting flavours of authentic Vietnamese food. It is the chefs’ passion to impress and excite and it’s through their cuisine that this is best achieved. Envisage crunchy salads bursting with flavour and fresh seafood grilled to perfection; tender meats expertly marinated accompanied by fresh herbs direct from the garden.  All of the restaurant’s ingredients are painstakingly sourced to ensure the highest possible quality. They’ve gone organic when they can and the meat is all free range.

A touch of class

The restaurant’s menu embodies an evolution for the brand with a bountiful selection that extends far beyond Vietnamese legendary dishes to offer an extensive choice of delicious, healthy, lively Asian and International cuisine those appeals to multi generational families and business clientele.

Vietnamese food at 37 Hung Vuong Restaurant is at once traditional drawing upon recipes that have passed down generations featuring in family kitchens and street side eateries for decades. Some of Vietnamese typical dishes could be named such as Cá diếc kho tương (braised Crucian carp with soybean paste), cá trắm xáo khế (stir-fried fish fillet with star- fruit), gà hấp muối (steamed chicken over whole grain salt), thịt luộc chấm tôm chua (boiled pork to eat accompanied with sweet and sour shrimp paste), cà muối sổi (half-way salt pickles) and phở bò (Vietnamese traditional noodle with beef) or phở gà (Vietnamese traditional noodle with beef) for breakfast.

A touch of class

But to thrive and progress, things must also change and adapt. The restaurant also developed an entirely unique fusion selection of Asian and International dishes that won’t be found on any other menu of any restaurants throughout the city. Some outstanding across-continential dishes such as Sashimi from Japan, nutritious braised black chicken with ginseng from China as well as Western grilled dishes of beef, lamp rib and Norway salmon are always ready to be served at the restaurant.

Let start your meal with numerous European & Japanese flavours of salads. The strong point is fresh salad & balance taste with sweet and sour dressing bringing a refresh feeling. Seaweed and cabbage salad with crab eggs seems to enlarge my empty stomach. Next is the grilled deer with mini tomato and tubers marinated with Vietnamese herbs creating a strange but delicious taste – not so stiffly but appetizingly.

A touch of class

Then, you can eat incessantly Fuji beef with fried potato paste and grilled tubers. The beef is tender and full flavoured and with relatively low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol compared with other beef breeds. Our delicious dishes had arrived, at the medium rare with red warm center, and the dish retained strong grilled yet juicy taste. Fuji beef with its special flavor has widely acclaimed as one kind of the ‘best beef of the world’. 37 Hung Vuong Restaurant is worth for our next visit.

In addition, businessman, statesman and families love to eat at 37 Hung Vuong because of the refined and delightful design of the restaurant. Inspired by Indochinese architecture, but with a contemporary twist; the relaxed, comfortable ambience, warm service and colourful, extensive menu at the restaurant is designed to appeal to a wide range of ages groups, tastes and diner preferences.

37 Hung Vuong Restaurant

No 37 Hung Vuong St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi

Tel: 088 898 11 11

www.facebook.com/37 Hùng Vương Restaurant

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