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  • The beauty of broken pieces

    The beauty of broken pieces

    Artisans from the Nguyen Dynasty were skilled in creating beauty from a broken piece of ceramic or porcelain.




    The exhibition features three heritage documents from the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), which have been recognised as World Documentary Heritages by UNESCO. It also consists of 70 texts printed on woodblocks, administrative documents from the Nguyen emperors, and poems about the architecture of Hue’s Imperial City. Tickets are VND30,000.

  • An art revived

    An art revived

    The skill of firing the enamelled bronze ware that adorns many palaces and monuments in Hue is thankfully being restored.


  • Regal residence

    Regal residence

    Of the myriad aspects of cultural heritage belonging to the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), the residences in Hue are unique architectural works, expressing harmony between nature and people and where the hidden art of royal architecture in Hue is expressed.


  • ‘Royal Treasures – Golden Books of the Nguyen Dynasty’

    ‘Royal Treasures – Golden Books of the Nguyen Dynasty’

    Twenty-two books made from gold created under the Nguyen Dynasty, the last in Vietnam (1802-1945), are being showcased to the public for the first time after decades of preservation. Since 1945, when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated, the museum has collected more than 3,000 precious items of the dynasty. On display are also ten related objects and two book boxes, all made from precious metals and subtly engraved. The objects are valuable not only because of their gold and also because they are unique art works carved by the best Vietnamese craftsmen of the time. They are also ideologically significant for honouring the filial piety advocated by the dynasty. Tickets: VND40,000.

  • Passage  through time

    Passage through time

    Where the mountains meet the sea, Hai Van Pass has long been an important part of the local area.




    Hue has inherited a host of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage values, with all eyes now on the difficult task of their conservation.


  • Regal movements

    Regal movements

    Hue royal dance has been preserved since its beginning during the Nguyen Dynasty.


  • Fit for a King

    Fit for a King

    Hue Royal food has a long tradition that has been both recorded for prosperity and kept alive throughout the centuries.


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