Joyful Tet @ Daewoo Hanoi Hotel

Tet or traditional Lunar New Year is a special occasion for family members and relatives to get together. Tet, without doubt, is the most important and expected event of a year in Vietnam.

on January 25,2019 05:50 PM

Joyful Tet @ Daewoo Hanoi Hotel

As the New Year of the Golden Pig 2019 is on the way, Daewoo Hanoi Hotel invites visitors to experience the atmosphere of Tet during the festive season that lasts until 8 February this year.

With the desire to honor and preserve the traditional beauty in early spring, Hanoi Daewoo continues to bring visitors the opportunity to experience the corner of the calligraphy at the hotel lobby. Calligraphy- the art of the writing- is a long-lasting tradition of Vietnamese that is usually practiced during the lunar New Year. Taking a stroll at the calligraphy corner, local visitors to the hotel as well as international tourists will have chance to admire calligraphic works created by calligrapher, Mr. Thanh Long. The great art works in red papers will be meaningful gifts from the hotel to its valuable guests who spend visits to the hotel during the special time. The custom does not only reflect Vietnamese people’s respect to knowledge but helps preserve a time-honored activity as well. The meaningful characters written on red Zo papers have become the symbol of good luck for thousands years in the country.

Joyful Tet @ Daewoo Hanoi Hotel

A space characterized Vietnamese culture on the occasion of Tet such as glutinous rice cake, colorful tray of five kinds of fruits, some branches of Peach blossom symbolizing for Tet in the North as well as the yellow apricot blossom symbolizing for Tet in the South will also be artfully recreated at calligraphy corner.

Especially, the Tet of the Golden Pig this year is the first ever occasion that Daewoo Hanoi Hotel offers premium Tet hampers. Made from luxurious red leatherette material decorated by yellow copper motifs, special gift baskets from the hotel promises to be the best gift for the reunion season. The Tet gift baskets are including dry jam, homemade sausage, imported nuts, delicious biscuits as well as premium tea and wine etc. Price starts from VND1,800,000 ($78) net / basket.

For more information, call the hotel’s hotline at 0904 332 887

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