Japanese Food Festival undergone

From 14 to 25 October 2019, the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel presents Japanese Cuisine prepared by native Chef-Hironori Wakashima with over 20 year of experience in culinary industry.

on October 15,2019 03:06 PM

Japanese Food Festival undergone

Photos: Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Japan is a well-known tourist destination in Asia, attracting visitors not only because of the beauty of the blooming cherry blossoms and mesmerizing landmarks, but also the unique tea culture and the unique, diverse cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine is one of the most famous cuisine in the world thanks to its sophisticated ingredients preparing, cooking method and also decorating. Japanese food, according to many food critics, taste authentic yet bring diners an elegant feeling with a taste of nature. Thanks to the geographical location as an island, surrounded by long seacoast, Japan is blessed with a great amount of seafood and seaweed that become two essential ingredients in many Japanese dishes. For Japanese people, food is beyond what one can see, it also tells the story of the country, represents their culture and their characters so far.

Coming to Japanese Cuisine in Hanoi, Sheraton’s native Chef Hironori Wakashima will bring to diners a precious chance to treat themselves with the most delicate dishes made from the finest ingredients such as Sushi & Sashimi, Tempura, Okonomi Yaki pancakes, Shabu hot pot, Ramen and Soba noodles. The dishes are served in buffet style so the guests are welcomed to savor as many the unique flavors as if they were visiting Japan.

Japanese Food Festival undergone

As people said, Japanese cooking is to be eaten with the eyes. Compelling are the food arrangements that the diner experiencing a traditional meal for the first time often finds that his or her impressions of the presentation often overshadow the taste of the food. The opinion is just right for diners who dine at the Oven D’or Restaurant on the lobby floor of Sheraton Hanoi. This is a great opportunity for family and friends gathering, enjoy Japanese specialties, which are ranging from tempura station, sashimi and seafood corner to teppanyaki station and special combination within Vietnamese traditional noodle soup with Hitachi Wagyu beef.

Japanese Food Festival undergone

Tempura is a Japanese deep-fried dish which was influenced by fritter-cooking techniques introduced by the Portuguese residing in the 16th century. The name of ‘tempura’ originates from the Latin phrase ‘quatuor anni tempora’ which refers to the Ember Days that no meat is allowed to be consumed. Yakisoba, literally ‘fried buckwheat’ is a Japanese noodle stir-fried dish that first appeared in the country in early 20th century. Since then, the dish became a most popular main dish among Japanese families’ meals. Meanwhile, ‘Hitachi Wagyu beef pho’ is a perfect combination of two great dishes of Japan and Vietnam. The aromatic deeply-flavored pho broth paired with noodles and tender juicy Hitachi Wagyu beef would please the most discerning diners.

The price for buffet lunch from Monday to Saturday starts from VND620,000 ($27) per person; Buffet dinners from Monday to Thursday and Sunday brunch are at VND1,100,000 ($47) per person and buffet dinners from Friday to Sunday starts from VND1,250,000 ($53) per person. Club Marriott Members enjoy 30% discount and Marriott Bonvoy Members discounts as venue’s discount matrix on food bills.

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