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  • Kayak tours to clean up Hoi An waterways

    Kayak tours to clean up Hoi An waterways

    A kayak tour operator has launched trips that will give both local people and foreigners the chance to clean up waterways around Hoi An ancient town in central Quang Nam province. The tours will set out every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, and cost $10 per person. Kayakers will depart from the Thuan Tinh sandbank near Cua Dai Bridge and head down to the Thu Bon River and the small canals in the nipa palm forest in Cam Thanh commune before reaching Hoi An. While enjoying the beauty of the ancient town and the nipa palm forest, kayakers will also collect rubbish, including plastic bags and bottles, to raise awareness among local people and tourists about keeping Hoi An and its rivers clean and green.

  • Hoi An goes ‘green’ with new power system

    Hoi An goes ‘green’ with new power system

    The ancient town of Hoi An and its sister town, Wernigerode in Germany, will start construction of a solar power system project with total funds of EUR135,000 (nearly $150,000) for the town’s old quarter. The solar power source will provide 55 kWh for public lighting, lanterns, decorations, street and folk performances, the Japanese Covered Bridge, and a public address system. The installation of the renewable energy source will promote the use of environmentally-friendly power from wind, solar and water.

    Hoi An became the first locality in the country to host a Car Free Day. It has been lauded for its efforts to end plastic bag use and for its 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) program. The city plans to use 100,000 bicycles, with the aim of becoming the first eco-city in Vietnam. Since 2002 it has earmarked several streets as pedestrian malls to reduce noise and ensure safety in the old quarter, which is where most foreign tourists use bicycles to tour the city, beaches and villages during their visit.

  • Environmental concern

    Environmental concern

    As is the custom, The Guide again visited a host of destinations and hotels and resorts this year to gain a sense of the state of Vietnam’s tourism industry.


  • Hoi An to crackdown on street vendors

    Hoi An to crackdown on street vendors

    Authorities in Hoi An are planning to curb the number of street vendors in the ancient town. Street vendors selling snacks and souvenirs are part of the old image of Hoi An ancient town, but their number has disturbed the quiet lifestyle of the town’s original traders. Some illegal vendors have been harassing tourists and charging high prices, creating chaos in the process. The move is expected to build a good image of the town in the eyes of tourists.



    That Vietnam’s tourism sector is on the rise is beyond question but there are still so many things that need attention.




    Introduced by the French, improved upon by the Vietnamese, bánh mì takes a rightful place as one of the country’s best street dishes.


  • Heritage Art Museum

    Heritage Art Museum

    French photographer Rehahn has recently opened his private museum on an area of 250 square metres in Hoi An ancient town to display photos of traditional costumes of ethnic minorities around Vietnam that he has taken over the last five years. Guests have the chance to experience and discover the different regions of Vietnam with Rehahn. He sees it as is his mission to bring the photos of ethnic people closer to Vietnamese people. His museum displays more than 200 photos of 40 of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, 30 traditional costumes from ethnic minorities, and precious objects, with his stories explaining his difficult journeys to approach remote villages of ethnic minorities translated in French, English and Vietnamese. One of his most exciting stories is that he had to wait for three years to be allowed into the village of one ethnic minority where tourists never visit. The museum is open daily, from 8.30am to 8.30pm. Free entry.



    Taking in the ancient town of Hoi An on foot is the best way to see all its delights.




    It’s not so hard to find something Western to eat no matter where you are in Vietnam.


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