The 1st anniversary of ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’

The spectacle of the show brings audiences back to the village life with folk art forms

on October 29,2018 10:43 AM

The 1st anniversary of ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’

On stage of a 4,300spm water surface with the backdrop of Sai Son Mountain hidden in the mist, surrounded by rice fields and lush green low hillside trees, over 150 actors who are villagers as well as 100 other dancers had joined to celebrate the 1st anniversary of ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ on 27 October.

As the name of the spectacle is referred, the most quintessence of Vietnamese folk arts, the northern Vietnamese spiritual life and cultural beliefs are showcasing on this dignity show. ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ draws inspiration from the spiritual history of the nearby Thay Pagoda telling the story of the pagoda's founding by venerable monk Tu Dao Hanh, and explains the ancient union between religion and the monarchy.

Audiences experience six aspects of the cultural ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ that are including poetry, Buddhism, nostalgia, music & painting, joys & festivities. The show bring their audiences back to a pristine time, living in the old countryside of Vietnam, feeling the sacred atmosphere and the cultural crystallization of the land with thousands years of literature.

During this 60-minute-show, the audiences’ animations were sometimes pushed up to the climax with lively dragon boat races, brilliant fireworks, but sometimes were softening down with scenes of people praying Buddha or the peaceful village scenes with flocks of dragonflies flying.

In order to make the most worthwhile show in Vietnam since 28 October, 2017, countless experiences and materials were plowed into ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ by the stage director Hoang Nhat Nam. According to Mr. Nam, although there are many differences, the culture of the region also has a continuity in the flow of time. Human beings born and raised, doing business, moving or straying from the land ... are all nursing the seeds of art. And once they have chance to involve into the art, their talents are only blossomed.

"Nobody could express better the authenticity and vibrancy of the cultural, spiritual and religious life of a northern countryside than the people who live here", Hoang Nhat Nam, director of ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ shares his experience  after threes working and living the 'mass’ actors in Da Sy village of Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district in Hanoi's outskirt. “They don’t just ‘act' but showcase their daily life activities on the stage while the audiences are considered as recently visited ‘friends’. Their attitudes inspire us to overcome all the hardships and pressures during the work. And I’m really grateful to them”

At the end of June 2018, ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ was honorably broadcasted on CNN with the news column "Destination: Hanoi". Earlier, at the beginning of the same month, ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ had received the Stevie Awards- Asia Pacific region in the category of "Innovation in communication, visual communication and visual entertainment." This is considered as a milestone affirmed the ‘The Quintessence of Tonkin’ has completely conquered the heart of the international audience.

The Quintessence of Tonkin at Baara Land

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