Foreign tourists to Vietnam may be surprised to discover that there are a lot of women in the country able to do a man’s job...

LE BICH & KIM CUONG on March 06,2017 04:07 PM

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A street vendor in Hoi An ancient town.

Foreign tourists to Vietnam may be surprised to discover that there are a lot of women in the country able to do a man’s job. But for photographers Le Bich and Kim Cuong, who grew up at a time when the country was undergoing reconstruction, such images are no longer strange. After war and now in the modern world, Vietnamese women have to work as hard as men do. They must do many important jobs, such as road or house building, land reclamation, and rice cultivation, as well as go fishing at sea or earn money at craft villages.

Whatever the role, Vietnamese women are definitely intelligent and hardworking at whatever they do. It is they who keep the fire alive within families. Though not as strong as men and with fewer chances to engage in social activities, nobody could replace the role of Vietnamese women in the development of the country.

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