Living on the banks of many rivers, fishing communities in Phu Yen province in Vietnam’s south-central region have their own ways of celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Duong Thanh Xuan on February 07,2017 12:00 PM

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A dragon boat race for women held on the Da Nong River .

Various folk games associated with water are held during the festive season of lunar January and February, such as mast climbing, duck catching and, of course, boat racing.

The boat racing has become a fascinating sporting event, attracting a large number of participants. Fishermen and their boats fight each other to see who is faster and stronger. They also join in mast climbing competitions to see who can climb higher and collect a prize atop the mast. They also show their ingenuity in the duck catching games. As night falls, people release incandescent lanterns along the river and hold folk art performances, all in the hope of a new year of health, happiness and prosperity.

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