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Once visiting Hon Son Island, you’ll always want to return to immerse yourself in the poetic scenery of coconut groves and white sandy beaches while nibbling on delicious seafood...

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Hon Son Island, also known as Son Rai Island (because many otters (rai) used to lived there), is located in Lai Son commune, Kien Hai district, in the Mekong Delta’s Kien Giang province. Lying between Nam Du Island and Hon Tre Island, Hon Son Island is considered one of the most pristine and beautiful in Vietnam.

The ideal time to go is from May to December to avoid rain and storms and is when seafood is both abundant and cheap.

From Rach Gia Wharf, the Superdong speedboat takes about an hour and a half to reach the island, with tickets costing VND140,000. The slow boat costs the same but takes three and a half hours, which is better for those who want to enjoy the sea view along the way.

All five beaches on the island are pretty, clean, and pristine, including Bang, Nha, Thien Thue, Gieng, and Bep. Bang Beach is regarded as the most beautiful, with a one-kilometre-long coastline in a charming curve and with white smooth sand next to small blocks of rock. Relaxing in the blue water and on the deserted beach, watching coconut groves along the coast swinging in the wind, and breathing fresh air makes you feel fully blended with nature.

Hon Son Island not only has a beach. Among seven mountains, Ma Thien Lanh is the highest, at 450 metres above sea level and boasting stunning views. Reaching Ma Thien Lanh is fairly simple, as local authorities built thousands of stairs to replace the old rough gravel path. But if you don’t exercise regularly, the slope of the mountain may take it out of you.

As the island is still largely unknown to many, there are not many accommodation options. Guest houses at Nha Beach are one good and cheap option, such as Anh Duc (0962 954 627), Hong Dao, and Kim Ngan (0773 830 527), while renting a tent for the night and camping on the beach might be more fun.

There are some restaurants with good prices and delicious food. But if you want cheaper, you can buy seafood at the market and then cook it yourself. Typical local dishes are fried short mackerel, grilled squid, sour soup with rabbitfish, and herring salad. At night, the island is perfectly quiet, and most visitors choose to go squid fishing for a new experience.

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